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Free rides to the polls

In Tulsa, the most efficient mode of transportation is driving. However, not everyone can drive themselves, has the time for public transit, or the fare for an Uber or Lyft. Without the ability to get to the polls, a person can't vote. We were founded on this principle, and is the core of our mission. We provide free rides to the polls so that no one is left stranded without a way to exercise their right. 

Who are our riders?

We are making Tulsa Voter Van accessible to Tulsans across the city.  In November 2020, we added a wheelchair-accessible van to our network. We provided eight rides to voters who use wheelchairs, some of who said they would not have been able to vote otherwise. Our van logged 165 miles crisscrossing across Tulsa--that's almost from Tulsa to Witchita. Our mission is to reduce barriers to the ballot box, and mobility-impaired voters can face an added obstacle concerning transportation that we are working to address. 

Tulsa Voter Van does not ask peoples' reasons for riding with us. Some are elderly and unable to drive, while others are young and do not have a car. In November, we helped a visually impaired voter who didn't have a way to the polls and was extremely grateful because we went the extra mile to walk her to and from her door. We also helped a City Year participant get to the polls because she didn't have a car and didn't know how to get to her polling location. She was ready to call an Uber or Lyft but contacted us first--we saved her that extra cost. We have accommodated each Tulsan who has contacted us--including someone who called with only one hour until polls closing. We mobilized and he was in line in time to vote.

We are a nonpartisan organization. We will never deny a ride because of political ideology and will not discuss the races on the ballot with our riders.

"I haven't voted in awhile because I didn't have a ride that could take me. I wouldn't have voted today."

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