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Tulsa Voter Van is a voter equity project in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We reach voters with barriers through innovative services that meet people where they are. Our mission is to support voters on their last mile of voting. In short, we help voter get their ballot to the ballot box. 

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trip upgrades

We intend to exceed our 2020 numbers, but right now, our technology is holding us back

voter ambassadors

We want to foster a community-based approach to voter access by creating partnerships with trusted community members.

Past and

current partners:


Roll to

the Polls


Tulsa Civic Learning Coalition


We drive voters together.

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We thrived our first year and provided 191 trips

Multiply rider ability:


Trip Upgrades

Election Day in November was a wild success. We almost reached our ridership limit. We intend to help more voters in 2021 into 2022 and will need to expand our capacity if we want to achieve that goal. 


In a single day, we arranged 64 trips for Tulsans across the city. Our coordination, although effective, was not efficient. The scotch tape held together a spreadsheet, makeshift appointment organizer, and a lot of text messages. 


We are proud to say that we helped each voter who has requested a ride, and we want to keep that honor! We need to upgrade our ride management software to include driver locations and automated route mapping. These two features alone will allow us to plan trips with absolute intention and not lose valuable time. 


With improved trip time efficiency, we can expand our capacity and serve more voters in coming elections. 


We drive voters together.

 Individual donors

Organization donors


Voter Ambassadors

There are many misunderstandings around voting, and the current guides are convoluted and hard to understand. People are most influenced by the opinion leaders in their trusted circles. We will partner with community leaders to bring accurate and easy-to-understand voting information to community centers, churches, dorms, and homes. 


Currently in its initial stages with the Tulsa Civic Learning Coalition, the voter ambassadors project will train people with voter information from registration to notarization. We are mapping out the path to use curriculum built by local organizations and prepare trusted community members with the tools to help their friends and families. 


Knowledge of the voter process is key to accessing the ballot box, and we are dedicated to ballot box access. We also recognize that notary access is difficult for some. It is a core part of the project that each voter ambassador will be a notary--including sponsoring new commissions.

Meet voters where they are 

Community Ambassadors:



We drive voters together.

 Individual donors

Organization donors

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