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At Tulsa Voter Van, we help voters get to the ballot box. We like to call this "the last mile of voting." We work to lower the barriers that may prevent Tulsans from casting their ballot. We began by giving rides to polling locations and have expanded to include services that help with absentee ballots.




As part of our mission to support voters, we provide free rides to the polls within the City of Tulsa. We 164 trips in 2020! We have worked hard to expand our efforts and partner with local organizations to increase our outreach. Every voter who has contacted us has received a ride.

Notary Access

Notaries play a critical role in the absentee ballot process. An absentee ballot will only be counted if it is notarized or accompanied by a photocopy of a voter’s photo ID. The latter only for elections during extraordinary times, like the Coronavirus pandemic. Along with Tulsa Voter Van, groups across Tulsa have worked hard to make sure notaries are widely available. We strive to reduce the number of absentee voters who can’t turn in their ballot because of the notary requirement.


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